Vicente Segura

V icente Segura is a Peruvian artist that lives and work in Frankfurt - Germany for many years.

He was born in Peru and he studied painting and photography in the Escola de Bellas Artes of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (1965-1971).

He is an ex member of the legendary theater troupe of the 60´s/70´s The Living Theatre, taking part in the counter-culture movement in New York and San Francisco, Paris, Rome.

Art and Politics

In Rio de Janeiro in 1970, Vicente Segura has been involved with the avant-garde art movement called Tropicalia. Time after, he was invited to be part of the internationally renowned theater company The Living Theatre directed by Julian Beck and Judith Malina (invited to Brazil by Celsio Martines of the Teatro Oficina) to work and live together in a vegetarian community in which several pioneer avantgarde projects with sociopolitical content started together.

In a not so favorable political environment in Brazil, on those years, under the military dictatorship of Garrastazu Medici (in which censorship and cultural repression was in the air), the troupe were arrested and jailed as “subversives”, prompting an international scandal. Many international celebrities from the Western culture and art scene (as John Lennon, Marlon Brandon, Jane Fonda, Marshal McLuhan, Boby Dylan, Susan Sontag, Mick Jagger, Arthur Miller, Jean Genet, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Bernardo Bertolucci, etc.) mount an offensive with letters, telegrams and communicates denouncing the arrest. Two month later (August 1971 ) the whole company was expelled (including Vicente Segura) to USA, abandoning all art works and materials.

In New York he continued working with the troupe and was invited later to San Francisco, California, where he met some prominent figures of the Beat Generation (non conformists bohemian hedonists) and some leading Hippie luminaries of the counterculture, anti-establishment socio-cultural movement, as: Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti (from City Lights books), William Burroughs, Alan Watts. He contribute in the editions of the Beat Magazine “Bastard Angels” from the Beat poet Harold Norse who published poetry and essays of poets and writers of the San Francisco Renaissance.

Back in Peru in 1974, with a whole package of experience he started a cultural-center project in Cuzco, presenting, exposing and promoting talented local and internationally unknown artists, in a ecological, vegetarian communal style of life called Samana. There he was painting and exhibiting his work until he met his wife Gisela Schütze coming from Germany. In the 1976, he and his wife travel to India, Nepal and Bali through the "Hippie Trail" to practice Buddhist Arts and meditation.

In the middle of the 80´s he was back to Peru to work for the press: a leading newspaper “La Republica” and the best political magazine “Caretas” where he was publishing cover works with his art-photos, resulting in a very successful exhibition for the opening of the new art gallery L´Ímaginare in Miraflores-Lima, in which happenings and art-performances were exhibited in the Vernissage.

Back in Germany in 1989, he publishes articles and photography´s in the frankfurter art magazine “Rogue” and “El Rincon” Latin-Deutsch magazine from Wiesbaden. He had his own program in Radio X – FFM, called Parliament of Dreamers, where he experimented with art-sounds and reading his own poetry: Explicit Lyrics.

Now (2020), he is preparing a retrospective of his work through an interactive exhibition of digital-analog art-photography, in an electronic installation of high resolution flat digital screens titled "Captured Exposures - Photographic Recordings Vol.IV".