[ Photographic Recordings Vol. IV ]
Interactive Art

Digital | Intervened | Experimental

In contemporary art, the interaction between artists and their viewers is generally unformulated and open to innovation. Artists and their viewers often play participatory roles in the planning of these works; in other words, pieces are planned to be interactive with the audiences.

Interactive Art
(Click and Play)

The art material exhibited in this project its based mainly on photography. But, the media throw which this photo-art are going to manifest, is digital par excellence. The photographic material is digitally remastered to be accommodated in a kinetic fashion to finally end up in an interactive social event.

This exhibition is both analoge and digital. In the walls it will be displayed doth, pictures printed in paper and, also, projected in the mencioned screen. Many photos are previously intervened with painting. The Exhibition is greatly supported by electronic means: an installation displaying flat panels of high resolution digital screens (liquid-crystal, plasma or touchscreen), and laser beam projections, in the saloon or in the spaces of the gallery or hall.

Through this interactive manifestations we are inviting the audience to participate in the activation of something dormant and digital, by the modal Click and Play.

Public participation in art-events its a practice adopted from the avant-garde, anarchist art groups of the 60´s and 70´s as the Living Theater, including the happenings of the time.

Touring in the surface of a flat Digital Screen

The environment of the screens installation in the walls of the halls it will suggest that the audience could activate the photographic images through a mouse, if not touchscreen, installed in each screen, to explore its interactive nature.

Every screen can be activated by the audience by "click and play" setting in motion hiding configurations containing more images and expanding the curiosity.

The juxtaposition of analog-digital brings a very interesting mix in the actual state of art. Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose: the social experience.

The actual state-of-art of the arts today is that in this age in which the image is ruling the visual, this proposal is producing an antithesis of the image through a creative deconstruction.

Some photography are intervened with the idea that the image take a new aesthetics dimension. There is an animus to re-imagine the images and to increase its visual impact.

This photographic material, based principally on analog small-scale films of 35mm and roll film of 6x6, in color and black and white, contains experiments not only in the analog modal, intervened manually in the dark room, including painting and scratching, but also in the digital modal using a virtual dark room.

Much of this material were exhibited in galleries and published in covers of magazines and newspapers in Perú, Germany, USA.

Vicente Segura