Reform of the Fantasy
By Vicente Segura

There is a Brain Storming Discussion in the Virtual-Art Factory Symposium.
The Debate is about if Liberal Arts are pieces of Merchandise in the Market Economy. It is a Lyrical Conflict of Prominent Artists in the Studio.

Some Art Academics, Art Lovers, Art Militants and Digital Artists are proposing Poetic-Images and Performed-Writings in Virtual Scenarios.

The Proliferation of many Multitalented Artists in this Electronic-Age are Welcome. There is also Impressive-Legendary Figures with Fantastic Progressive Visions in the Parliament of Dreamers and Beautiful People in the Sphere of Influence.

It is not a Fatal-Consequence if Success doesn`t depend on Talent, but in Attitude. In the Vortex of Fame everyone is fighting for recognition and it´s respectful to have Fifthteen Minutes of fame. I rather Prefer to Flirt with my Aquarian Dreams than to have a Short-Cut to Tough Monkey-Business.

Exchanging Ideas is like Trading Ideas, so, i am a Merchant of Ideas.
Some Copyright Violators are Violating the Copyright of someone who also Plagiarize and have the Ability to get the Beef.

Open Reading Poetry, Rhythms and Aesthetics in the Cultural Spectrum is better than Demagogic Rhetoric`s in the Political Mosaic.

My "In`s" and "Out`s" are responding to my "Ups and "Downs". I prefer to be "Inn" rather than to be "Out", but not always. I need to Recharge my Batteries.

When I am "up in Heaven" for too long, then I like too "come down to Hell" once in a awhile, depending on the weather. If is a cold winter in Paradise, then I would like to have some Holy-days in Hell, because suppose to be warm, sexy, and a lot of hot beautiful ladies.

But if Hell becomes too hot giving the Carnivals, Parties and Love Affairs all day-night long, then I would like to visit Planet Earth (Purgatory), full of wonderfull human beings, but, only if there is not Corrupted Administrations, State Terrorism, Extrajudicial Excecutions, Media Disinformation, Imperialistic Interventions, Corporative Capitalism and Climate Catastrophes.