Art and Crisis

Creative Deconstruction
A Critical Dialogue
By Vicente Segura

Crisis is a sign of modern times but produced by the global model free market economy. This phenomenon of „crisis“ is not the people crisis, but the crisis of of the financial elites and banks institutes. Greediness. That means that our democratic-capitalist model (a criminal organization) has attain a level of a legal plundering and human explotation that serves the corrupted system manifested in its full spectrum. So, we (the people) come up to the conclusion that we can prescinde of corporative politicians. The system is dysfunction and is collapsing It has to be reinvented but according to the needs of contemporary times.

Crisis indicates that our society is in a crucial stage and a decisive change must be made. This Western culture it´s so overloaded with decadent values that does not work any longer. In light of this decaying system we come up to the conclusion that we cannot have progress forever, if we consider the environmental state of our lifes. And it could be better if we delete all consuming programs and trivial things.

This crashed planned management prosperity is the result of a capitalist excess. We produce more than what we need, causing a recession of love. This state of affairs invites us for a radical restoration of all values we lost in the process.

Inflation of capitals, leads us to a stage of spiritual bankruptcy producing a deficit of inspiration and inflation of corporate business.

Appears as if the global political class are dilettantes, aspiring to be corporate executives administrators only for the profit partition with the ruling elites and financial oligarchy´s, the corporate predators.

In the art of deconstruction crisis is the catalyst for a progressive re-start.

Arts must respond to the crisis independently from politics. In the realm of politics all the imagination and creativity is been missused for manipulation, disinformation, to control the society and for corporative profit. Arts are a liberating and humanizing force in itself. The imperative of politics cannot match the politics of inspiration and cannot submit the power of creation which is the human spirit for freedom.

Arts, in the Western civilization, has been reduced to minimalism as a way to compress time and space, and to process easily the consumption. But this society that involves an environment of massive-media of spectacles, are expressing only their decaying culture. This attitude doesn`t dictate an aesthetic principle for the rest of the world.

The spirit of pure arts is been challenged by a monumental industry of entertainment and show business in the spheres of the Western world. In a creative process of something, movement gives existence to the idea we know as freedom. The natural environment of creation is arts. The capital expression of arts is creation. The reality of arts is the reality of the inspiration. If there is no inspiration in the creation then we have to invent it.

As soon as an idea takes form, color, movement, sound and light the idea become materialized, so the artist realize its dreams and realize the dreams of the community only to celebrate peace and liberation.

Art lovers and art makers are catalyst for change. They would love to reorder the order in a new harmonious disorder.


Everybody is potentially an artist.
With arts you transcend the unimaginable.


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