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Photo by Robert Clark

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The Corporate State

There was a time, when, two massive-mega towers, called "the Twin Towers" were targeted by a flying objects. Short after, follows a kind of controlled demolition as part of the operation plan. The collapse of these impressive buildings succeeded in less time than a blockbuster action film: the South Tower start to collapse 56 minutes after being hit, at 9:59 am. The North Tower at 10:28 (102 minutes after being hit), the fully collapse took less than 30 seconds. But the funny thing is that the WTC7 collapsed many hours later, at 17:21.

The visual impact of this tragedy was of Hollywood proportions: filmed and photographed from every angle of the concrete jungle. The images still pervading in the memory of the world and will pervade for an endless time. It will become a pop culture. The WTC disappeared from the face of the Earth in such a short time that there was no time to reflect on what really had happen, except on "the dancing Israelis". Many years after, still many questions in the air, and still, all the way to the truth is officially obstructed. It was a False Flag? A cover up CIA-Mossad Operation and at the same time a Controlled Demolition plan?

But the world is waking up and is crystal clear who is in the other side of the grey shadows. Israel playing with Iran and Syria, plus USA playing dangerous in Ukraine -provoking Russia- it will create a scenario of global conflagration that nobody will survive to tell it.

The pillars of the Temple of the Free-Market-Economy and USA imperialism is surely falling apart in slow motion. The crash down of those ugly, unaesthetic geometrical, aging dinosaur of the WTC full of asbestos, it was a symbol representing the collapse of a corporate empire.

“The Zionist coup d’etat of 9/11 was done by the combination of Israelis and neo-conservative Americans along with hard-line right-wingers in the American military and the intelligence establishment who pulled off this coup d’etat in America,”
Dr. Kevin Barrett. (Read more)

“As early as 1989 it was known to the owners of WTC that the buildings must be brought down before 2007 because the interior steel and exterior aluminum were both compromised and the buildings would be at risk of collapsing — the cost to dismantle them was estimated to be $2B in 2010 dollars or more, inclusive of asbestos remediation.”
Tom-Scott Gordon (Read more)