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Paradise of Parasites

Photo from Robert Klark and a painting from Karl Bryullov

A mix Digital Art by Vicente Segura

A mix of photo from Robert Klark and a painting from Karl Brullov

Paradise of Parasites

by By Vicente Segura

For the fortune of United States - and for the misery of the rest of the World – the English language dominates the Earth (thanks to mother England –who colonize North America), facilitating the imposition of their dictates and their corporative products in the world market. Their products are not necessarily of first quality or of first necessity, but it represents the epitome of consumerism and American culture colonialism: Hollywood, Holiday-Inn, Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Coca-Cola, Mc-Donalds, Nike, Marlboro, Times, Ford, Levi's, T-shirts, Beisball caps, Elvis, Marilyn, Sex, Violence, rock'n ' Roll, Microsoft, NATO, OAS, DEA, CIA, WTO, IMF, TLC, CNN, MTV, TNT, DDT, and other barbarities, perverting the Nations of the world in his image and likeness. In a direct or indirect manner, conscious or unconscious, everyone collaborates with the success of the capitalist American consumerism. All induced by the advertising blitz campaign of the uncontrolled mass industry and media communication including films!!

Digital Capitalism ("homo digitalis")

The state of evolution in which humanity is evolving, is that an exclusive elite of capitalized troglodytes celebrates a financial boom in the globalization. By constructing western style city´s around the world, plus a banking system for the flow of capitals and expansion of multinational corporations (nothing to be proud about it, except for the builders and the finances) they are constructing a civilization of crisis, without a vision to prevent collateral effects on the rest of the world. For the sake of the expansion of US hegemony they are constructing a one global consuming system for all, one perception of the world for all, and a one-dimensional vision of the future for all: a global capitalism opposing life diversity.

This digital economy backed by high-tech toys (recently invented by some restless speculators), had a fascinated response from the public and was released to the global market without any risks. The general rehearsal of this innovative technology was a total success with good results.

Much of the planetary population is flirting blithely with these innovative and striking toys. The people purchased them out of boredom, but also to satisfy their vanity. The spider web network woven through the internet has given rise to a society of science fiction. The new outfit of the people are to wear electronic devices in their daily lives plugged to mobile phones, ipads, ipods, with digital, instantaneous and interactive communication. To keep the population busy (taking advantage of their innocence) and for maximal profit, every year the producers come up with new designs and innovations to let them play a virtual and vain fantasy.

The virtual reality and the virtuality of the virtue are guaranteed. The world has embarked on a world wide web of a digital tour through cables and silicone, with bytes, mega, giga, terabytes and beats in the highway of information. Surfer's and navigators or internet commandants are commanding a number of protocols, data, codes, icons, names, numbers, signs, rare symbols and digitized images with virtual music in the background.

Almost all human knowledge - good and bad - is deposited in the clouds of cyberspace or in gigant hard disks of artificial intelligence storage. Each communication area is operated by technocrats who spend their time installing programs by pressing keys, playing with the "mouse", making "clicks", looking at the monitor screens to get a virtual local or global ejaculation, and bingo!.

Subversive infonauts, cyber pirates or virtual criminals also making their days. Life in civilization is a technological Carnival of trends, logos, labels, marks, packages, thanks to the tenacity of corporate designers of products, advertising, marketing and to the innovative spirit of aggressive businessmen. In these speculative obsession, the enterprises are risking everything, but they bet to win, with nothing to lose (just like in a casino game).

The special effects of this multi-media show, serve only to distract the population from its central problem, and to decorate with artifices, the political/economical circus in the global financial turmoil!.!

The Financial Mirage

In this financial war, the world has been assaulted by the corporative capitalist dictatorship of the North. The entire population are hostages persuaded, induced and guided by a single economic concept and a single market model, equivalent to the discovery and conquest of previous centuries, except that in this time is been justified by "globalization"!

The economic powers compete with countries in the process of development in an unequal and obscene career; a shame for the world population that already is having a bad time. Planet Earth has environmental health problems, but the enterprises are not interested in slowing down its production (or limiting growth), reduce the emission of toxic gases, etc., because infringes their industrial interests and business monopoles, in particular USA.

In this crazy financial race of neo-liberal expansionism –in the free market-, the multinational corporations of the United States, the European Union and Japan (the competing forces of the big orgy), the Americans are taking the best part of the steak: they have the best army and they are aggressive enough to grab the resources under the banner of “democracy”.
Seeking for new global strategies in the Middle East, Africa or Latin America they can trigger a world conflagration. In countries of the South ("third world" countries that more seems “fourth world” countries) their enterprises evade taxation, cheap labor, more short-term gains, leaving in their original countries only the logo, the office and the business administration!. This multinational corporations design the product in one country, manufactured in another, sale in a third country, and taking their profits elsewhere (flight of capitals), leaving those countries washed away, squeezed, and in a permanent debt!

In Western societies the unemployment increases as the discontent too; societies are beginning to revolt. (Is there an automatic decline in consumption in the absence of profits?.) The consumer society- the backbone of capitalism- start do to falter? This premonition is a dream. No, the financial catastrophes are an integral part of the capitalist strategy. Crises are convenient to be able to intervene and manage the situation as pleased: a violent form of looting. The fast-track economic solution is a smokescreen to give not notice and not time to the Governments of the South reacts, while arranged this monumental capitalist system. Strengthen the economic hegemony is the main objective of the Group of seven (and now eight) at the expense of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In rich countries the companies robotize their industries to dispense the workers. The financial crisis in Asia, the shock in Japan, Russia, Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela), and now in USA and Europe, is due to the new event of the political to go global.! This market readjustment is first and foremost a fiasco - or a heavy joke -, which compromises the future of the rest of humanity.

The unipolar vision and the geocentric political economy of USA puts at checkmate the countries of the southern hemisphere, with the avidity to protect their interests.! They offer economic "help" in exchange for reforms and conditions (without offering equal opportunities) producing emptiness in diplomacy. The entry into the game of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, leaded by United States Inc., are institutions that work favoring the rule of global privatization of properties or the law of the clever one. The result is the extreme polarization of classes between the pre-civilized world of the poor’s (more poor`s than ever) and the post-digital civilization of the rich (who are more rich than ever), something that is not so graceful under the prospect of democracy, freedom and human rights.

While the rich countries celebrate the waste of money mired and wracked by the American Dream, the rest of humanity struggles to survive (lacerated by hunger) and living in oblivion. Is proven that neo-liberalism is not a synonym of democracy and freedom, but, a synonymous of the American globalization and the law of the jungle.

Bubble Crisis

This present economical model is not a philanthropic program to solve the problem of humanity, neither a charitable Mother Teresa foundation to mitigate the suffering of the more humble and silent of the poorest countries(also is not a heavenly phenomenon, despite the fact that the Pope cannot change the course of history!), but an economic conspiracy at global level. This neo-liberal attitude interpreted ironically as "wild" (or say Darwinian) by some intellectuals, is a thesis that puts the United States as the fittest to survive in the natural selection, justifying their imperial existence and territorial expansion without no scruples. This thesis assumes meekly, that, the bigs eats the smalls, and the strongs defeat the weak. It´s an economic cannibalism in which the man eats his same species economically and enslaves it and it exploited it. At this point there is no respect with regard to the social law of nature (and of the animals). That means nature will fight back.

This nihilo-capitalist species is a detour or an aberration from the basic and social fundamental economy of the people of the world, since its aim is purely speculative and exclusively to make profit.
In metaphysical terms all process of political and social interaction is always interfered, partially or totally, in the total or partial by random. This is not the case of the northern market globalization. The aims are very specific, the intentions are very clear and the prospects well studied: to maintain the global western hegemony.

"In God We Trust", aphorism coined in the American dollar them, is used as an esoteric form to create the myth and disguise the shamelessness. The competitive turmoil does not cover auras or human qualities. Simply obeys a perverse rule of game: "low cost, high profit” over the supply and demand. This is the purchase and sale of the absolutely nothing. The market is a jungle of prices and products. Barbarism becomes evident. The capitalist class is represented by the most shameless eaters in a financial ceremony and rite of global cannibalism.

This modern form of imperialism, puts in a state of apprehension the banana republic’s that produces coffee, sugar, cotton, oil, etc, who have nothing to globalize except their poverty and their natural resources subject to the demands and prices of the North. (At the moment, as a result of the global financial crisis, the prices of the raw materials are plummeting.)

Global Imperialism

Globalization, is a concept or a semantic event supported only by the instantaneous communication, internet, the flexibility of investment in the global market and the free movement of the transnational corporations. For most of the global population, the globalization of multinational companies, is just the globalization of groups interest. The satellite or digital transmission of images from the North to the global mainstream media (which is nothing to celebrate), come from a decadent civilization with a lifestyle that does not correspond to the reality of the rest of the world. These images reaches remote places and unexplored places of the Earth, interfering in the cultural sovereignty of the ethnicities as: Tanzania, Amazon, Sumatra, New Guinea, Tibet, India, Borneo, Madagascar, Guatemala, Bolivia, etc.,-being colonized by urban symbol’s of the West leisure, fashion and glamour, that other cultures are risking to lose their customs and tribal traditions!!.