Utopian Dreams

by Vicente Segura

Utopian Dreams

by By Vicente Segura — Posted on January 21, 2019

The urgency will be to free ourselves from global banking, corporative systems, mainstream media disinformation, military interventions, environmental disasters, short-sight-right-wing-neo-conservative politicians, privileged aristocracy`s, etc. We will see ourselves changing our consuming habits, seeing the dysfunction of a global dominant ruling system and how a greedy imperial nation collapses. We will see ourselves recovering all what we have lost. Viva la Tierra!.

We hope that these times of strong crisis (environmental, political and social) can be a very decisive time for progressive leaderships and to foresee a new future for the world. If the Wall Street it is faden away as the Berlin Wall faded, then it is a sign of life. Let the walls fall down, and don’t prevent it from falling.

The new world we are imagining, here in this romantic Parliament, is not the world order the western world is imagining. The western politicians (and corporations) are imagining a dystopia (a distorted reality) of a “brave new world” with imperial desires and neocolonial aims. This old conservative vision of the world is going on already for too long, and is not fun any longer.

The new world order we, here in the Parliament of Dreamers, are imagining can be the ultimate intellectual aphrodisiac. Our geopolitical aspirations are post-capitalist (and post-imperialist), because we want to see a better world with a strong emphasis in social compassion, no war, and peace. Love will be in the air. We are imagining a world community free of hegemonic powers and corporative mainstream media that plays a crucial role in this conditioning game.

The new world we want to see is a free world, but above all, the vindication of the cultural ancestry of the native people of the world, with their implicit ancestral rights over the lands they own, and what they claim to be returned. The new world order we imagine must be a planet of many worlds, a nation of many countries. A world order of many “world orders”, and not the only "world order" the west is trying to impose. The definition of this concept must not emanate from the North hemisphere (who are thinking they are leading the world) and not from the top of the pyramid, but from down to up, from the many to the few, from South to North, from the indigenous people of the world. This can be translated as a real freedom for the people, and above all freedom for Planet Earth, from plundering and depletion .

We don’t need any longer superpowers. At the present consciousness development of humankind, this is not possible any longer and unacceptable. In progressive minds, there is no space for "power" games. The egos of the nations who thinks because they are rich they are powerful, it is a disparate. They must refresh their memory to remember how these nations become rich. They will be ashamed to recall their history, since there is nothing to be proud about it. So why they should be “powerful”. The real powerful nations are in the South, with rich natural resources, and it´s not for sale. (power exist only in the Jurassic imagination of the conservatives of the wild Western World, flexing their muscle with military paraphernalia).

The West should switch to a new reconfiguration of thinking and question what virtually they are. The rich countries should redirect their targets and redistribute their wealth to the poor’s, after so many centuries of plundering and exploitation in other continents.

The only radical change that can happen in this age it´s in your mind. In your global mind. This change have a name and this is a global consciousness revolution (reform of the ideas). It`s happening now. The rest is illusion.