It's an appalling paradox | Reading true information will put your stupidity at risk | They are right that something is wrong | We must reverse such a decision | Three bad scenarios and one good option | A resolution for a mutual disagreements | Expectations may have simply been too high | Complete digital isolation is virtually impossible | Imaginary lines dividing imaginary differences | There will be a digital mass destruction | USA provides imperial services, training and personnel everywhere in the world | The arms industry has recently enjoyed amazing successes despite seemingly strict export controls |

The capital expression of arts is creation. The natural environment of creation is arts. The reality of arts is the reality of inspiration. The Triunph of your imagination. Arts must respond to the crisis without involving politics, but as liberating and as humanizing force. The imperative of politics cannot submit the power of creation. Art is a catalyst of change in itself. It`s the way to reorder the order in a new harmonious disorder.