The politics of inspiration

This text it is an avantgarde of ironies and it´s subjected to many interpretations.

It's a critical text with contemporary arguments.

Metaphores and paradoxes plays a very important role.

The words are remixed to create an idea on a crystal liquide screen.

I just play with words as if I would play with colours while painting in the canvas.

Wow! what a text!

Polygamist, polyglots and polytheists are trapped in a phraseological paroxysm of pejoratives.

The syndrome of the syntaxes is a synopsis full of synonyms for the syncretism of syllogisms.

This prose have not the prospect to proselytize on prosperity.

It´s a prophylactic purpose to proliferate a provocative process of prerrogatives.

The protagonist of this prolific proposal is a philander phlegmatic philanthropist from Philadelphia.

Primitive primates from primary times have the privilege of profitable private properties.

vicente segura