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The Vernissage

[ exhibition of an exhibitionist ]

by Vicente Segura

There was an exhibition of an exhibitionist who was
exposing himself and a fascinated avantgarde installation,
reflecting a vision of aesthetical proposals as cultural offensives

The exhibition hall was full of legendary figures of the art-scene
drinking fizzi bubles nectars and exhibiting themselves.

The whole fauna of dreamers were in the vernissage:
ancient warriors, temporary heroes, living goddess,
queens, nymphs, mermaids, gypsys, feminists,
sadhus, merchants, tourists, pirates, egomaniacs,
wizards, conquerors, archangels, gurus, narcissists
and many fallen angels disguised as erotics archetypes.

But, what challenged my imagination most
and catch my photographic eyes in once
was the figure of a charming tormented Musa
who was not dressed to impress me
but dressed as an erotic piece of art
attracting completly my attention
and, also, of my photo-camera.

I met her in the streets of Frankfurt
and the message was clear for me
She appear like a bird of paradise
flying in the see of freedom.

The Soundtrack

by Vicente Segura