The Vernissage

There was an exhibition of an exhibitionist.

I was fascinated by the visual plasticity
of his art-installation and of his cultural offensive.

He was exposing and proposing a vision
of a post-capitalist aesthetics

There were many legendary figures from the avant-garde scene
and progressive revolutionaries, but, also beautiful ladies
dressed to impress and showing a charming offensive.

The whole fauna of dreamers were in the vernissage:
ancient warriors, temporary heroes, living goddess,
queens, nymphs, mermaids, Venusians, feminist's,
sadhus, merchants, tourists, pirates, egomaniacs,
wizards, hunters, hackers, gurus, narcissists
and falling angels disguised as erotic’s archetypes.

but, what challenged my imagination most
and catch my photographic eyes in once,
was the figure of a tormented Musa,
who was dressed as a piece of art.

She appear like a bird of paradise
flying in an ocean of freedom,
attracting completly my attention,
and of my photo camera.

She send me a clear message,
and her body language irradiates.

Who was this heavenly creature who loves me
while I was sleeping in my revolutionary dreams?

Reflecting on crisis

The Myth of Progress, The Ilussion of Modernity.

Identity Crisis, Spiritual Poverty, Unhuman Humanity.

Social Darwinism, The Innocent World, The Clever Elite.

The Financial Oligarchy, The Corporate Media

Genetic Engineering, Transgenic Junk-Food.

Battle of Ideas, The Collapsing Empire.

Economic Collapse, Lack of Political Fantasy.

Crisis of Leadership, Lack of Credibility.

Corrupted Administrations, Geopolitical interests,

Politics of Fear, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Human Activity, Climate Change,

Man-Made Global Warming, Banks Conspiracy,

Manipulated Information, Nuclear War Dreams.

Beautiful Human Beings, Wonderfull Planet Earth,

Extraordinary Cultural Diversity, Peacefull cohexistence.

Deescalation of the Conflicts, Reform of the Imagination,

Consciousness Revolution, Make Love Not Money.

Light, Love and Lyrics.

Be High and Away.