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Arts & PoliticsBy Vicente Segura

The crisis makers and crisis managers are evaluating the damage control in their own corporate mainstream media -to manipulate and disinform- and keep the crisis as a profitable corporate venture. We should delete literally all trash that the elite business tyrannies had produced and re-start the program again for the sake of a sustainable future.

In geopolitical contemporary art there is a Western cultural monopoly that dictates an aesthetic principle to the rest of the world.

All countries in the South hemisphere -ruled by the privileged classes and business elites- are contributing on the expanssion of this dogma. The global media owned by this power serve to expose and promote all imported films, news, music concerts, show business, fashion, advertizings, corporate designs, etc., biased material that divert and distract the souls of all native people in the world, only for the sake of profit. These corrupted aristocratic vassals who copy and paste preconcieved standards of American values (disposable symbols) are entertaining their society with cloned trash culture as they do with fast food, soft drinks, Starbuck cafes and blockbuster Hollywood.

The West is overloaded with spoiled habits and decaying values that prevails in the environment of Western consumer society and this is been exported to destroy tradition, tabues and rituals. In light of this decaying process we come up with the conclusion that we cannot progress forever and that it will be better if we delete all Western capitalist frivolities and banalities.

In the West, contemporary art has been reduced to minimalism only to express their own decaying culture. The spirit of pure art has being challenged by a monumental industry of entertainment and show business to entertain but not to elevate the spirit. The lyrical reality is that in capitalism the human factor is an exploited capital. The capital expression of arts is creation which is the spiritual dimension of culture.

Crisis indicates that our society is in a critical stage. Crisis is a metaphor for decaying; The word "crisis" denotes that there must be something wrong. That means that our democratic-capitalist model has attained a level of dysfunction that is manifested in full. So why the financial crisis, the political crisis or the aristocratic crisis it goes in the shoulders of the tax payers?.

The failure of the crisis managers on prosperity is the result of a capitalist excess. We produce more than what we need causing a recession of love. This state of affairs today suggests a radical restoration of all values that we have lost in the process.

So, in the West arts must respond to the crisis independently from established political rhetoric because all the imagination and creativity used in the realm of traditional politics is banal. Arts have the power to subvert politics because art is a liberating and humanizing force in itself.

The imperative of politics cannot submit the power of creation and the human spirit for freedom.

In a creative process of something, movement gives existence to the idea we know as freedom. The natural environment of creation is arts. The reality of arts is the reality of the inspiration. If there is no inspiration in the creation then we have to invent it. Everybody is potentially an artist. With arts you can transcend the unimaginable.

As soon as an idea takes form, color, movement, sound and light, the idea become materialized, so the artist realizes its dreams and realize the dreams of the community only to celebrate peace and liberation.