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Arts & Crisis

C risis indicates that our society its in a critical stage of development.
The situation suggests that we should deleted and restart the program.

The Western culture is overloaded with information and infected by
disinformation. It`s intoxicated by consumerism, overproduction, decaying values,
spoiled habits, fake news, fake life and black flag for the sake of making money.

In light of this decadent process we cannot grow forever.
It´s useless to "progress" forever. There is nowhere to go from here.
A decisive change must be made and we should delete all banalities.

This prosperity is corporative and is been cloned in every big city.
We produce and consume more than what we need.
The result is a recession of life and love.

Crisis indicates that our socio-cultural environment it´s in decay.
It´s a critical turning point and something must be done about it.
Humanity evolves wrongfully from the very beggining, on the wrong track
The corporations invented the Western defected system for profit.

In Western civilization arts reflect it´s culture.
Arts has been reduced to minimalism to reflect it´s decadence.
But this attitude cannot dictate an aesthetic principle
to the rest of the world.

The pure spirit of arts are been challenged by a monumental
industry of marketing, entertainment and show business.

Inflation of capitals and corporate business,
leads us to a stage of spiritual bankruptcy.

The lyrical reality is that arts as an inspiring capital
must benefit everyone without exception.

by Vicente Segura